Tired of feeling like you're stabbing in the dark when it comes to planning for your homeschool?

(And still don't know how you'll get it all done?)

I help Christian homeschooling moms figure it out.

Simple and straightforward...that's how your homeschool plan should be.

When did homeschooling go from being a chore to the pleasure you always desired it to be?

Hi, I’m Jennifer & I help homeschooling moms let go of trying “all the ways” & instead, work with what they already have.

I’ll help you …

Create a plan that works for you.

That balances flexibility with structure, and fosters a love of learning in your children.

And…that creates a homeschooling plan that truly works for your family, transforming your home into a place of wonder and discovery.

Ready for a more stress-free environment?

Here's how we'll do it:

First, we'll customize a planner you already own.

Taking the time to customize your homeschool planner is an investment that pays off in spades. While it might not seem like a big deal at first, imagine the sense of peace you'll feel knowing that your planner is set to go.

Let’s get your planner all set!

Second, we’ll customize a plan for your homeschool schedule.

Booking a discovery call to customize your homeschool schedule is the next step towards a more organized and peaceful homeschooling experience.

While it may seem like a time-consuming task, this effort ensures that every aspect of your schedule is tailored to fit your family's unique needs. 

Imagine the relief and satisfaction of having a well-structured plan that brings clarity and order to your days.

Let’s get it started!


I enjoy planning trips in fall, so I couldn't ask for a more BEAUTIFUL planner to help me prepare and stay organised for my fall vacations. No more stress and I can focus on having fun! I also love the GORGEOUS fall leaves designs! <3

- Jacq


The pages are so well laid out and the content is perfect for my homeschool of 3! There is something for all ages, even mom!

- Lydia


My daughter ADORES coloring! I've found myself really enjoying coloring with her too. I was looking for cute fall coloring pages for some cosy family time, and these pumpkin coloring sheets are PERFECT! The pictures are super pretty and there's a great selection!

- Jacq

All set to discover how to create a more stress-free learning environment and get on your way to customizing your child’s learning environment?

(Of course you are, 'cause you’re here.)

My FREE learning-style quiz ebook will help you know how your child learns, which will also get you on the road to customizing your homeschool.

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