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No more scrambling around, trying to figure out why they're struggling with their curriculum.

Not to mention, now you actually get to enjoy that cup of coffee!

I'll help you figure out how your child learns.

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Don't lose sight of why you homeschool—

You can have a more enjoyable homeschooling experience while also using the curriculum that works best for your child.

Take it from someone who has figured out that we all learn differently.

Gain Clarity

Have you found yourself facing the new challenge of figuring out what your children's educational needs are? With different grades and learning styles that come into play? You can have flexibility while also meeting your children’s needs!

Find Your Rhythm

This is where you not only discover what your child's primary learning style is, but you also create a customized planner that will help you tailor your schedule to your family’s needs. No more using a one-size-fits-all plan.

Gain More Flexibility

Imagine mornings running smoother, lessons becoming more engaging, and quality time with your children becoming more possible. Having a plan in place that meets your family’s needs is the key to more flexibility!

I can take you from discovering your child’s learning style to helping you organize your homeschool life,

or I can give you confidence you’re doing it right—

either way, I’ll help you create a plan that’s right for you

Customize a Planner

No matter how much you love your planner, you would love to have it come with all your information already inserted.

I'll customize it to suit your needs and your desires!

  • Dates that are important to you

  • Lesson plans with each child's name on them

  • Fonts and color schemes to choose from


Create Your Own Homeschool Journey

Ready to grab that cup of coffee and create your own homeschool life?

We'll work together on deciding what's important to you. On deciding how it is that you want your homeschool life to work and run.

We'll also look at what's not working and what you can do about it.

Aren't you ready to grab the best life that God wants you to have?

INVESTMENT: Starting at $37 (Beta Program)

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This is for you if...

  • You have more than one child to homeschool

  • You feel like you’re always playing the catch-up game

  • You want more than a homeschool planner—you also want a partner to help you create a plan that works for you


If any of these sound like you...

  • I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed trying to keep track of lessons, activities, and my children’s progress. 

  • Our homeschool days often lack the structure and consistency I know we need.

  • Balancing homeschooling with household chores, out-of-the-house activities, and personal time is a struggle.

...a customized homeschool plan can help.

Investment: Starting at $37 (Beta Program)


It helps me create a balance between homeschool life and home life, which in turn gives me flexibility.

I wish I had this years ago!

~ Lydia R.


and less scatterbrained! Everything I need is in this planner. A one-stop shop!

~ Angela L.

Create a more stress-free learning environment.

Transform stress into ease with smart planning. Plan smart, stay calm.

It begins with knowing your child's learning style.

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